Butterbutter Projekt began in 2020 with COVID-19 against Asian racism that frequently occurs even in everyday life in Germany. We are open for everyone in projects, workshops, and events for against racism among Asians.
Our definition of Asia includes West Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South Asia and also Asian people grown up in other society/ such as Diaspora and immigrants from Asian community. Our team members are free to participate and anyone interested in creating or developing a project with us is welcome. This Project is a group that can move flexibly with the aim of opposing Asian racism. Please feel free to share your idea! ◟( ˘ ³˘)◞ ♡

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Email: projektbutterbutter@gmail.com

“Butter” from 'Buttebutter project - alles in Butter’ :
“Alles in Butter” is a common phrase in German language. It means 'everything is okay.' Although it has many stories of its origin, the phrase was most likely originated from a common medieval practice that people used butter to protect fragile products such as glasses or dishes when transporting these goods. Likewise, our project aims to transport fragile hearts of many who experienced discrimination into one place. During the transportation process, we use butter as our medium. In the end, we freely archive voices of Anti-Asian racism by collecting works of artists (All of us are artists) who are living in Germany. The eligible artists will be asked to use butter either directly or indirectly to express their voices against racial discrimination in the post-corona age. Butter is an important symbol of our movement.

Butterbutter-projekt :
Butter is pronounced as butter in German. If one repeats the same word twice, it becomes similar to a Korean word buteo (roughly translated as come behind me). As Koreans said to their friends buteo! buteo! during their childhood to gather them for games, this project aims to generate a bigger voice on the issue of racial discrimination in the German society by gathering our individual voices into one collective. Therefore, we named our project as 'Project Butterbutter' to show that all of us have something to say on this issue.

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