Ironic Butter, 42 x 29.7cm, Collage on Paper, 2020 
work by Haleen Lee

The true definition of the butter in this work is quoted from one of the German idioms called “Alles im Butter (everything’s in the butter)” means “everything’s alright.”, despite the worst experience. 
The current exchanged situation by the COVID-19 outbreak has turned over every daily life: there are hidden or exposed racism towards Asians, just because of the over-generalized determination of a virus, especially with an origin.
Nevertheless, we do have a lack of manuals if how it should be dealt with properly then acting as nothing passed away. By preventing further discrimination, we are necessarily attended to engage with our voices to fight against related racism.

Each different shapes of alternatively portrayed butter made of various flat materials, draw the diversity of people, no matter how the styles, characteristics, and philosophies that determine their existence. 
Plus, the covers of a butter represent the outer look of a person, pretending to be well. Inside of it exposes the butter, which defines the real emotional circumstances damaged by the serial racism into an ironic statement. 

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