Butter killer, single-channel video, 8m 59s, 2020
Work by Gwiyeon Han
It was an ordinary day.
I took a shower and wore my favorite T-shirts and jeans. 
And then I went out to my friend’s house as usual. 
Chilly April in Berlin. It was 7 PM and already dark outside.
I took a U-Bahn. 
There were a few people on the train. 
The door was closed.
Suddenly, a man who was on the train started yelling at me.
he sprayed with his Hygiene spray all over around the train.
As he was looking at me, he yelled again and again.
How stupid. It was a mockery towards me. Obviously. 
But, I couldn't do anything other than flipped him off while staring at him. 
After the horrible situation, things like that happened frequently to me.
On the street, at a market, at a park.
Oh yes. It was an ordinary day.

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